Other tips for making eye contact, beating depression and social anxiety

Other tips on how to make eye contact.

The list below are things you should be doing that will help with the steps on the instruction page.

1. Exercising: I know you have heard this before to keep you healthy, but it is even more important when you are suffering with not being able to make eye contact or look people in the eyes. It is a fact that when you are fit you will feel much better about yourself than when you are unfit. Feeling better about yourself will make you feel more confident and this will help you with the steps on the instruction page. The best way of keeping fit when you have the fear of making eye contact is to go running or bike riding as you can wear sun glasses. However, try periods of repeating the instruction that is mentioned on the home page “I will not be scared of anything or anyone!” while you are exercising.

2. Be your own best friend: When I was suffering with not being able to look people in the eye, I lost a lot of friends and I’m sure you have too. Have a laugh with yourself. Try to make light of your situation. Metaphorically pat yourself on the back for small achievements. This should help you relax.

3. Meditate: Try repeating the instruction mentioned on the instruction page whilst you meditate. Whilst on your own, breathe deeply, close your eyes, see nothing but the blackness and the light that is within it, now send the instruction… “I will not be scared of anyone or anything! I am not afraid of anyone looking at me or me looking at them.” through you mind, while you are telling your mind, think of NOTHING but the instruction and do this for at least 5 minutes every couple of days. Also try mindfulness Meditation, by quieting the mind you can become more focussed.