Meditation and Mindfulness to beat depression and social anxiety

Using other methods to help you look into someone’s eyes.

This website is not of any religious persuasion. It is purely secular and designed to help people overcome their mental difficulties.

I have recently discovered meditation and started reading about Buddhism. In fact, it turns out that Buddhism is not really a religion, it is more a way of life. Much of the teachings focus on inner peace and the route to happiness, which is surely what we are all looking for. I’m not saying you should suddenly drop everything and become a Buddhist monk in the hills of Tibet as I personally don’t believe all of their teachings, such as reincarnation; however, much of it does ring true with me. It has helped me understand my own mind. For the main, it is to realise that suffering and bad things will happen, this is the unavoidable truth and therefore, seeing what is around you “in the moment” and concentrating on the “here and now” will help you to feel better. There are other things in Buddhism that are relevant to people suffering with depression, like understanding Karma (cause and effect). Realising that every action causes a reaction. Even every little thought you have, causes other thoughts and feelings. Some teachers of Buddhism have described how each thought is a little seed that will grow into a tree of reality. This is where the steps I have prescribed in this blog are particularly significant. You can add thoughts to your mind that will become reality. So along with Auto Suggestion, this is further proof that my method will work.

Further to this and may be more importantly, meditation has found to be an excellent way of treating depression. It is so powerful that it’s now one of the preferred (more preferable to drugs and counselling!) treatments recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence .

Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University says: ‘Scientific studies have now shown that mindfulness (a modern form of Buddhism) not only prevents depression, but that it also positively affects the brain patterns underlying day-to-day anxiety, stress, depression and irritability. This means that when distressing thoughts arise, they dissolve away again more easily’.

‘Other studies have shown that regular meditators see their doctors less often and spend fewer days in hospital. Memory improves, creativity increases and reaction times become faster.’ These studies and practices have been carried out in a completely secular way and can be used by all Faiths, Atheists and Agnostics.

Meditation is actually quite easy to do. All you need is patience and the willingness to make time to do it. Simply put yourself into a comfy position, sitting or lying down with your back straight seems to be best, then close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. If thoughts enter your head (which they are likely to do) just bring your concentration back to your breathing and that’s it!

I myself are aiming for 10 minutes each day and use my count down timer on my phone, so I don’t have to keep looking at my watch.

I hope this helps you as it has helped me.

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