Must watch inspirational Videos on Auto Suggestion and other topics

This is a must watch video for everyone about Auto Suggestion.

This is just a well put together video that promotes a strong feeling. Try Auto Suggestion after watching this. Auto Suggestion works best when used with passion and belief.



A full 5 hour video about one of the most important people this world has ever produced. He spent many years in and out of prison for standing up for the truth and freedom (as Mandela did). Ganhi is a true legend.

Mandela spent 27 years in jail standing up for freedom. If he had spent those 27 years thinking negative thoughts of revenge against his oppressors, the whole of humanity would have been damaged. However, he spent most of those twenty seven years thinking positive thoughts of forgiveness and freedom.

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  1. Watch and read as many inspirational videos and books as you can, to help feed your mind positive thoughts and ideas. This will help you overcome fear, including being afraid of eye contact. Feel free to post suggestions for inspirational videos that may make others feel stronger. Cheers Ben

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