Autosuggestion – Achieve Anything

The most important subject – Autosuggestion.

You use the process of Autosuggestion in every waking second of every day. From the minute you open your eyes you have a thought. Sometimes this thought is positive and sometimes it is negative. On occasion, the thought is a comment about how you feel ‘I feel great’ or I feel tired, I can’t be bothered. What is happening here is the frontal cortex (the part of the brain that thinks in real time and sees the world around you) is responding to it’s surroundings and feeding an instruction to the many other parts of the brain that process the information. You don’t need to know the names of these information processors but just in-case you are interested, they include the hippocampus, the amygdala, the cingulate gyrus, the thalamus, the hypothalamus, the epithalamus, the mammillary body and other parts. For the purposes of Autosuggestion, it is sufficient to think of the brain as a two part system:

The front part (The Frontal Cortex) takes in the world around you, including audio and images. The Frontal Cortex then transfers that information to the part at the rear (I will call this your Processor) for processing, filing and storing. The thoughts and feelings you have in reaction to your surroundings at any given time are brought to you by your Processor.

An example of this is when you feel embarrassed by an event that happens. For instance, you walk into a room and you trip over. Your frontal cortex reads the situation and feeds to your processor. You process the situation and remember that this is an embarrassing situation and you become flushed. The information is also stored for future reference for the next time this event or something similar happens. As you can see by this example, this is a ‘never ending cycle of negative feeling’. To break this cycle, all you need to do is take back control of your frontal cortex and tell your processor the information you want it to store and process and this method is called Autosuggestion. For example, if you had told yourself in the past, when something potentially embarrassing happens, it is actually funny and you should laugh with the people around you, the embarrassment completely disappears. I

The only difficulty is, you/your Frontal Cortex have been suggesting thoughts to your Processor for the whole of your thinking life and therefore there is most probably quite a lot of negative information stored that will require some decoding. The good news is all that is needed is for the  new coding is repetition.

I used the process of Auto Suggestion, without even realising it, to overcome an Anxiety problem I had for over ten years. I could not look at people in the eyes without freaking out from the age of 17 to 27. Eye contact sounds like such a small part of being a human, when in fact it is fundamental to communication. When people see you are feeling awkward it makes them feel awkward and a ‘never ending cycle of negative feeling’ takes hold. This lead me to lose many friends and develop a drink habit. I used the drink to remove the fear and provide some relief from the torture I was putting myself through. The problem was, the drink only removed the fear temporarily and then when it wore off I would feel even more paranoid. One day, I decided that I had had enough, I could not stand it anymore. I don’t know why or what made me know what I had to do, I just did it. I made up a phrase “I am not scared of anything or anybody” and I began to forcefully feed my Processor this instruction. I feed the instruction to my Processor all day, from the moment I woke until I went to bed. Due to 10 years of this anxiety, the negative information was stored way deep inside my processor, but I knew I had to stick with it and carried on feeding the instruction “I am not scared of anything or anybody” for 2 weeks. Then one day a colleague started talking to me at their desk, I said to myself “I am not scared”, I turned and faced him and I felt no fear! The emotion was incredible, I knew I had beat my Anxiety. I wanted to tell everyone but how could I, I had never told anyone that I had the problem in the first place and therefore I celebrated my victory in silence. This achievement prompted me to search the internet to see if anyone else suffered with the problem who I could help. I don’t know why it took me to this point to see if anyone else had this problem. However, I was amazed to find hundreds of people who had posted on chat rooms with exactly the same problem. At this point I had recently discovered WordPress (the open source blogging platform). I set about creating a blog to help others with the same problem. Hundreds of people from around the world have been helped by the blog and I am honoured to help. Even then I didn’t realise that I had used a technique that had been used for a hundred years and it was called Auto Suggestion. This technique can be used to achieve pretty much anything you desire, whether it be success in business, overcoming a fear, relieving anxiety, beating a drug habit or generally becoming a better person. Autosuggestion is the key to everything.

Choose your instruction or phrase based on what you want to achieve, try and keep it positive as possible and repeat it to yourself with conviction as much as possible throughout the day. When I beat my fear, the phrase did have some negative terminology within it and I have since refined the technique to use only positive terms. I now use Autosuggestion on a daily basis to achieve my goals, improve my mood and mental health.

There have been studies in the brain that have proved that it and it alone creates your reality. Your brain is the most complex structure in the universe known to man. It chooses how you interpret the environment around you. Your processor will act upon its experinces as a way of preparing yourself for future events and therefore it is obvious to see that feeding your processor the correct information will result in the desired feelings.