Looking into people’s eyes, the beginning

The method of how to look people in the eye and cure any form of social anxiety is explained in this website for free. I cured myself of not being able to look into someone’s eyes along with other social phobias and many readers of this website have too! The process is commonly known as Autosuggestion.

First, a little background information about how I used to suffer terribly with social anxiety. I especially found it impossible to look people in the eyes without freaking out……..

I started this blog primarily to help people who can’t look people in the eyes, but the journey has taught me a lot, it has helped me beat social anxiety and with other aspects of my life. I am now looking forward to a very bright future. Firstly let’s deal with struggling with eye contact…

This mental defect seems such a small thing and to most people it is as easy as breathing, but to some it is their worst fear. If you are suffering with looking into people’s eyes, like I was, it really can ruin your life. The good news is, I overcame my fear and want to help others do the same. In this blog I will tell you how I achieved this and become happy again.

How my fear of looking into people’s eyes started………

At sixteen’ I was at school and I was on top of the world. Nothing seemed to scare me and I was sailing through life as a really happy teenager. Then out of nowhere something changed inside my head…..
I had left school for about a year and I was at an all night party, smoking things etc and then all of a sudden this feeling creeped over me and I couldn’t look at anyone in the eyes without feeling really uncomfortable. Over the coming months and years and I couldn’t look at anyone, in the eye, without freaking out. I suffered with this problem for almost 10 years, but now I am a new man and my life has changed radically for the better!

People can develop the problem of not being able to look into someones eyes in various different ways. I know that if you have a similar problem, you are in great pain and you are probably suffering all the time!

The good news is, I have managed to cure myself with Autosuggestion!!!

To see what you must do……….Click hear.